Cellerini is an italian family- owned small enterprise dedicated to silverware. It was born in 1960 in the city of Florence, the true heart of the most refined artisanship.
We represent today the third generation of the family and we continue working and creating with the same passion in our craft workshop precious items, which are unique for quality, elegance and possibility of customization.

Our production includes not only silverware of title "800" and "925", but also assorted furnishings for the home in metal covered by high thickness silver, sculptures dressed with the galvanic application of pure silver.
Cellerini is well able to offer professional and qualified services to grant its customers a full satisfaction.
Thanks to the "S.O.S Silver" service, we take care to restore and repair silver and metal items, both the  modern and ancient ones.

Please, take a look to the small section of our production we have reserved for you: if you have any further need, do not hesitate to contact us or to stop by our showroom. You will be welcomed by our expert and kind staff who will work to fulfill your desires.


Surfing our website you will find only a little part of our collections but writing us an e-mail you will receive a cd containing all the pictures of our complete production!!