Silver is the prince of materials, a pleasing extra in our daily lives, a touch of grace thet even the simplest gestures and habits deserve.

It has a value thet should not be kept for special occasion, but used even in the most familiar places; it is filled with emotional meanings thet go well beyond its evident commercial value.

Faithful to this interpretation of a noble and fascinating material.

Since 1960 Cellerini have been offering a wide range of items made entirely of silver, from large and small furnishing accessories to items for personal use.

Here are table items,from cheese dishes to ice buckets to tea and coffee services, that will enhance any gathering.

Here are finely made decorative vases to grace any traditional or modern room, and then the bonbonnieres with their emotional value, desk sets for working hours, and dresser sets for the private corners of the home.

The common denominator in this heterogeneous product range that is sold by medimu-high level jewelry and silver shops around the world is the care that goes into the details, the manual skill, the old techniques that are still used by the firm's artisans:careful hammer strokes create volume and the skillfully used engraving tools develop plays oh light and shadow.

The style is classic, beloved by the Italian public- Cellerini's prime clients.

And now the company is looking at foreign markets and this interest is starting to bear fruits.

The "conquest" of new areas is one of its prime goals for the immediate future.

Visiting our site you can see only a small part of our production.
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